Thursday, September 30, 2010



So second continent to be visited by me is Europe...
And best thing is that I am here on a work permit. :D

How I wish I am able to locate a accomodation for myself... But looks like it will take some time.

Well i must say i was totally unattached when i was flying for US but this time i dont knw why i felt something was being left behind. I dont know why but I did not feel like coming here in Europe....

I was feeling like i m leaving something when i was leaving Blore.

And yes, bad luck as far as m concerned was evident with missing of flight and immediate rebooking for coming to CHD. Its another fact that i was before time for my flight. I am not sure if it happened for good or bad... but it seems like bad... could b it was for my good.. After that, honestly, i did not shop much. I was plain lazy in doing my work.
Waise bhe 20 Kg main kaunse teer maar lene the maine....
Waise mera phone itna bajta hai, par iss baar calls e nahin aa rahe the.. country chodh rahi hun, par lagta nahin kisi ko fark padta hai....kisi ko to meri theek he thi....

Well, honestly i was excited to fly for europe, after i started for delhi... Man, finally i realised, its time i'll fly for europe.. A new place.. one of the dreams we have, when we join IT industry :P

Ya, why I was not happy previously? Come on, you are single.. So no strings attached.. Girl have fun!!! once you are woman, there will be hell lot of strings attached...
Well before staring for Europe, first time ever my frds were suggesting me to go n try Alcohol.. Am sure they have lost thier senses. I am in full control... God knows what I will do there, becoz all my new team mates drink..Infact it's european culture..

bas bhagwan na kare ki mera dimag kharab ho.
Delhi Airport rocks.. i liked it, It was small but well built,,, Where in the world do u see prayer room in the International airport? ya, Duty free shops are beyond my pocket, So I just clicked pics. Initaially I had tough time thinking how to accomodate my luggage. Limit is 20 Kg..Mine was ard 27. Girl at check in counter was hot and nice.. rare combination :D

Well I actually liked european families.Contrary to my belief, people love thier family here.
And I was idiot who forgot to take her apartment address as well as room number along with PIN required to enter the apartments.. My colleague was scolding me nicely.

Room was good . It was raining. My new team mate had told me that it doesnt rain here.. so that was first prank i discovered....
So first night was with maggie and Lemon Tea...

Well first day to office and i discovered another prank. A pic was sent to me about team members... But 4 names were incorrectly assigned. I actually wasnt convinced for firsts 2 hrs about who is LUC and who is Sanders... good for filip that he was on vacation after playing this prank :-X
I really liked my DELL LATITUDE E6410..Wow..............
Well Pizza was really bad.... I just couldnt eat and imagine, one of my fellow colleague was fooling me that beer isnt alcohol (they were drinking Duuel - Strong beer)
Shopping was totally different experience. Everything was in french and I know only English. Some how I picked stuff based on images.Pragya helped me in it.
Second day too I shopped but it was with Ishan. This time i dont know why i was missing something a lot at night and third day was email that my mom had called my frd by mistake. It was a missed call. I choose not to clarify nything becoz wrong call is pretty common.
Pragya came to my room on Wed and she was laughing a lot at my soft toy. I dont think its origins were questioned so I told that it came in my backpack.Simple ans.... Well Y to tell her that I sleep with it :D
Well for your background, my soft toy is a puppy. I am not aware about breed and stuff...Anyway it is a lovely gift. And I love it :)
On fourth day we have allocated to a new office and it will be far from old office : commute + place is office area. I am really bored as there is nothing much to do here adn still i have to sit in office and do some time pass.. Am sure by number of blogs u see for today's date, it will be an easy guess!!! I hope this day gets over... I feel hungry all the time in europe.. I swear. its like i never ate in years!!!

After long time i am in cold place.... i have missed winters a lot in blore!!!!

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