Monday, September 15, 2008



What is your opinion about it?

Some thing I never dreaded till actual result came out...

Well, result is always below your expectations... :P
After my study of 3 years, i have concluded it depends on your rapo with your manager. if they like some one else, sm1 has to take a bad rating :P

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Chennai trip.. flavor of South

This weekend i went to chennai for about four days...
weather was hot inspite of regular rains
i liked city centre a lot but sincerly i hate spencers(bekar jageh)
My actual reason was inability to get required things to shop and also irresponsible attitude of kashmiri shop keepers

my train arrived at station at around 4.20 pm(before time )
and my friend's father took us to her place
first impression of chennai roads was good one
Area where we went was clean and sea facing(marina beach)
still it was not cool and it literally reminded me of chandigarh climate(Time when i left for bangalore)
i wont say it was too hot but after living in bangalore,now i dont like summers

First thing i noticed was a hanging of lord krishana in wood and it reminded me of my masi ji...
Second was a painting with similar pattern as sofa of my house.....

Really feel was very good

Moreover family was very loving and was assamese family btw
I had best of my eating times over there
Food was too good and literally reminded me of home made(north indian food)
i tasted proper rajmah after 3 -4 get rajmah here as well but curry is not as rich as home made

First time i saw "kala jeera",its something used for cooking but my mom confirmed that we dont use it for cook (thus reason i dnt knw abt it)

her sister made a very sexy choclate cake with creame(main khush...)

I liked city center a lot.
More over i met friends of my friend there and they were really very nice
Best thing about them was no pretentions and joyous attitude
I had tough time when they were talking in tamil but they simply shifted to english when i told them that i can not understand it
Chat sessions were really joyous ones

Then we went to savera
i hope m saying name rightly
here u'll find eating restraunt i loved----it turned out to be a bar so cudnt go....
Second choice turned out to be a disc --- missed that too
after that i stopped asking as my frd was laughing too much
friends place was kool one
mere lag gayi thi jab sab mere peechhe dance ko le kar pad gaye the
upar se meri saheli aur kaam kharab karne ko yeh bhe bata rahi hai ki mujhe ganna bhe aata hai

badi mushkil se bachhi
ya dance though... :)

next day hum jahan gaye wahan i tasted masala dosa but found taste same as that of sagar ratna---kranti's fav place
kulfi flavor ice cream at same shop was too good but that shop keeper cudnt speak hindi nor cud he understd english
she helped me there
dukandar pe itna gussa aya na seriously,..
imagine jo told me that chennai has 3,hotter,hottest ---kitni symetry hai yaar,,,,,,,,,

biggest stupidity was to go for sleep that evening so missed outing in evening

but at night we went for ice cream to some parlour and choclate sundae was great-- agreed it was choice of my friend as i hardly knew much abt place

then long drive ,... :-) :-D
dont worry it was family long drive and marina beach a bit

next day suji ka halwa(its my dad's fav but mine second fav) and puriyan to aawesome thi
main literally puriyon ka taste he bhul gayi thi blore aa k
kahan roz muh marti thi.....
yahan canteen ki puriyan bekar hoti hain

there is one sweets shop in spencer..bahut sahi hai yaar...
do try it

now was turn to go to another friend's place as she was waiting for me since yesterday

It was first time i were going to meet her parents and truelly were damn scared
but moment i entered her home,her parents calmed all my worries

very nice parents of hers too
they were really considerate that i can not speak tamil and spoke wid me in eng and hindi only
you all will blast in laughter but her mom actually taught me how to eat south indian food
situation was comical as well as embarassing
imagine some one teaching a 22 year old how to eat
kahan north indian dhang se main bahut tehzeeb se khati hun khana

but i enjoyed that food too
very different ..
for all those who dont knw,like me...,south indian meal is four course that means four diiferent things in different times
first some sabzi wid rice then some thing(name i forgot,orange powder) wid rice
third will be rasam and some powder(forgot name,cream color ) wid rice
and then curd rice wid pickel

Are main batana bhul gayi kafi mahino baad maine ganne ka juice piya
u knw just to embarass me my frd asked me to drink badam was awesome and full of nuts ---dil khush

pata hai woh sara rasta mujhe chhedhti hue aayi ki main kaju deekh k khush,actually us time sharm bhe aayi thi k kaju kar k usne mujhe woh peene ko kaha
here i went first time to a jain temple and learned about jain culture from a female who spoke in hindi ,in temple
sow carpet main maine ek mandir bhe deekha(hindu mandir).it was too very different types.

yaar har state k mandir different hain...
badi confusion hoti hai

maine saari baandhne ka ek aur tareek seekha
actually my frds mom was trying to teach her to wear a saree and i too joined :D

mast hai yaar
south indians ki saree main mastery hai...unquestioned
ek min main saree kaun pehan sakta hai yaar.
yahn to 1 ghanta laga tha farewell pe....

next morning i had some thing similar to noodles and it was also great.esp lemon flavor

oye maine banana k flower ki sabzi bhe khayi,achhi hoti hai yaar
Atleast home made to achhi thi and sambhar is also gud

market ka.....i dnt like anything

As most of you dont knw,for south indian dishes you should taste tamilian food

kannad and tamil prepare very differently (ya even those dosa's)it's more of jaggery in kannad food and yes andhra food is very spicy..
by spicy i mean lot of chillies..

dhuyen nikal jayenge

meri tamil ki frd actual main telgu hai but they did nt make spicy food
infact every thing was appropriate and i liked it

and yes malyalees add coconut oil to food(traditional,not necc)

i returned to bangalore in bus
my bus started 5 min earlier but reached an hour earlier inspite of one puncture

every thing went too fast

cudnt go around much on 2 oct as it off there(no markets open) and 1 oct was bandh(partial,supreme court was againt it but they were sppiling acid on ppl was rumour which i did nt feel like verifying)

i met one muslim female in b us who cud speak hindi in chennai... and at back was tamilian female
tamilian enquired abt me abt engg studies.I said its easy not that tough
uske beechare bete ki re aa rakhi thi engg drawing main
i said it's tough subject..
imagine aunty ne meri bhe re nikal di thi exam main
i told her
no re ,even if very less marks

had hai,khamkha fail kar diya yaar woh bhe tab jab maine company ki trning bhe pass kar li

muslim culture bhe yahan diff hai
see, vo jo movies main muslim ko burkhe main deekhate hain na?yahan muslim females burkha pehnte hain
ek hamare north k muslim hai,aaj tak maine ek he baar burkha deekha tha inspite of presence of masjid over there

so thats news from my my end
ab banagalore achha lagta hai ,mausam....too gud
Moreover i like company too

I recieved maximum number of calls while i were in chennai.worst ones were wrong number
waise bhe kabhe phone kiya karo....