Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Life as such in Europe. .

Well, Here is a new experience... To be in a new place, totally different environment..

Yes, language is a barrier.. I use google translate for all documents. Infact at times, i have even written down what i wanted and showed it to shop keepers.

As such , yes, being lonely is difficult in Europe. In india, I used to prefer to be alone, but here its really a problem to be alone. I do not know what exactly i miss.May be companion we take for granted in India are no longer here. Even as m alone in flat i find it difficult to be alone. So need to think of what all different time pass options can be choosen. :)

Well, yes I must say I found people racist. Still, some where there is a feeling of brown/black/white :)

What I did observe was people same across world. Human feelings are similar across. Well I find India much advanced, in terms of thought process and culture.

See, people have kids and then gradually start calling thier partners as thier wives...Mostly becoz some one in society pressurizes them to do it that way.

We have a better thought of process of first having a wife and then kids...

I honestly find so much information in Wiki as incorrect that I feel irritated. Esp today... And now I remember when my Sis used to say that much of info on wiki is wrong, So beware.

I have definately started to miss my family... Why cant we value things on time? rather than realizing their value very late or when we are alone? i wish solitude will bring much more sense in me. Thank god i have luxury of writting and not being scared of getting caught.. Why do we have sense of shame? Is it good or bad?

kind of miss Indian Sun too..Where its sunny in mornings... here you have dark/cloudy mornings.. I hardly feel like waking up. Infact I am not even aware if it is day or night. Just need to trust the watch..

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