Friday, November 26, 2010

Life@europe part 2

Hi :)

So I must say my desire to see winters has been fulfilled!!!

I am thankful for that :) :D Infact I will be able to see snow is additional bonus.. Am really thankful for that.....

Now lets move on:D

First visit to any city was that of Namur.... well I really liked architecture in Europe and I was mazed.. I def enjoyed the place.. Even if I dint liked the company with me :(

Well, ice creams would be speciality here.. I find them much better than indian icecreams...There are more flavors...So many that u have to think, Which one to eat :D

I have enjoyed Cold weather over here.. But man.. What u have in CHd or delhi is nothing close to cold weather of Brussels... man it snows here...:D
I have enjoyed hail storms so far... I hope snow fall happens :D

Ok, Now lets have some bad part...
It is too Cold to enjoy any outing.... :( and u freeze in ur short span of outdoor life.. Even if everything else is centrally heated...
@my office : Full toosh politics... 7 members in a team... 2-4 groups.. and bitching all the time.. And men claim that they dont bitch!!!

Amazingly double standards are available every where. I saw them going out with a girl all time to pubs and discs... Moment she is gone they are bitching about her how crazy she is and she hits all wrong men when she is drunk... Why the F*** were they with her in first place? Even about their own so called group members... you should see that.. Who so ever is not around.. they are telling one thing or other... Amazing..
Why is it so simple for people to nt to have ny standard? I am really blessed to have my frds.. Sincerly they are all very worthy people... Compared to Rich men I am now working with here!!! Why the hell am I even comparing?
I think it would be best in my interest to not to be honest with these gentlemen(Pun Intended) as I have to live with them for more than a year and I have already seen million colors...
And my luck.. I hate politics.. and here I am in the middle of one... Well I could have learned a bit of politics.. After all it was all in family.. So what if that was Mother's Side :P
Imagine when u can see what all crap is happening and you dont knw how to handle it.. It is not a good feeling..
Aakriti, U need to l earn a lot.... Be positive baby ;)