Wednesday, December 8, 2010

To be or not to be

So, I am in kind of mid life crisis.... All life I have been truthful and upfront and now when I have to grow in my career, these things are not working. Probably, lying is one way to get thru or should I say being partially honest is a better approach. I need to learn to be charming,,,, Well, I never required it initially or never felt the need for it...
I wish I knew how to gain acceptance...I cant blame people, becoz i dont want to... it's good to learn... Moreover, I may face every kind of person in my life and it would be additional skill to be able to handle it.
I am not manipulative... I guess I should learn it... I need it... Or I can be cool..Infact If I could learn to master the art of staying calm always.. It would do me a great deal of good.... I wish I knew it
More over, all my useless hobbies of childhood were good..Reading newspaper, magzines, novels, painting,stitching...I dont knw why I left them....

Friday, November 26, 2010

Life@europe part 2

Hi :)

So I must say my desire to see winters has been fulfilled!!!

I am thankful for that :) :D Infact I will be able to see snow is additional bonus.. Am really thankful for that.....

Now lets move on:D

First visit to any city was that of Namur.... well I really liked architecture in Europe and I was mazed.. I def enjoyed the place.. Even if I dint liked the company with me :(

Well, ice creams would be speciality here.. I find them much better than indian icecreams...There are more flavors...So many that u have to think, Which one to eat :D

I have enjoyed Cold weather over here.. But man.. What u have in CHd or delhi is nothing close to cold weather of Brussels... man it snows here...:D
I have enjoyed hail storms so far... I hope snow fall happens :D

Ok, Now lets have some bad part...
It is too Cold to enjoy any outing.... :( and u freeze in ur short span of outdoor life.. Even if everything else is centrally heated...
@my office : Full toosh politics... 7 members in a team... 2-4 groups.. and bitching all the time.. And men claim that they dont bitch!!!

Amazingly double standards are available every where. I saw them going out with a girl all time to pubs and discs... Moment she is gone they are bitching about her how crazy she is and she hits all wrong men when she is drunk... Why the F*** were they with her in first place? Even about their own so called group members... you should see that.. Who so ever is not around.. they are telling one thing or other... Amazing..
Why is it so simple for people to nt to have ny standard? I am really blessed to have my frds.. Sincerly they are all very worthy people... Compared to Rich men I am now working with here!!! Why the hell am I even comparing?
I think it would be best in my interest to not to be honest with these gentlemen(Pun Intended) as I have to live with them for more than a year and I have already seen million colors...
And my luck.. I hate politics.. and here I am in the middle of one... Well I could have learned a bit of politics.. After all it was all in family.. So what if that was Mother's Side :P
Imagine when u can see what all crap is happening and you dont knw how to handle it.. It is not a good feeling..
Aakriti, U need to l earn a lot.... Be positive baby ;)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Life as such in Europe. .

Well, Here is a new experience... To be in a new place, totally different environment..

Yes, language is a barrier.. I use google translate for all documents. Infact at times, i have even written down what i wanted and showed it to shop keepers.

As such , yes, being lonely is difficult in Europe. In india, I used to prefer to be alone, but here its really a problem to be alone. I do not know what exactly i miss.May be companion we take for granted in India are no longer here. Even as m alone in flat i find it difficult to be alone. So need to think of what all different time pass options can be choosen. :)

Well, yes I must say I found people racist. Still, some where there is a feeling of brown/black/white :)

What I did observe was people same across world. Human feelings are similar across. Well I find India much advanced, in terms of thought process and culture.

See, people have kids and then gradually start calling thier partners as thier wives...Mostly becoz some one in society pressurizes them to do it that way.

We have a better thought of process of first having a wife and then kids...

I honestly find so much information in Wiki as incorrect that I feel irritated. Esp today... And now I remember when my Sis used to say that much of info on wiki is wrong, So beware.

I have definately started to miss my family... Why cant we value things on time? rather than realizing their value very late or when we are alone? i wish solitude will bring much more sense in me. Thank god i have luxury of writting and not being scared of getting caught.. Why do we have sense of shame? Is it good or bad?

kind of miss Indian Sun too..Where its sunny in mornings... here you have dark/cloudy mornings.. I hardly feel like waking up. Infact I am not even aware if it is day or night. Just need to trust the watch..

Thursday, September 30, 2010



So second continent to be visited by me is Europe...
And best thing is that I am here on a work permit. :D

How I wish I am able to locate a accomodation for myself... But looks like it will take some time.

Well i must say i was totally unattached when i was flying for US but this time i dont knw why i felt something was being left behind. I dont know why but I did not feel like coming here in Europe....

I was feeling like i m leaving something when i was leaving Blore.

And yes, bad luck as far as m concerned was evident with missing of flight and immediate rebooking for coming to CHD. Its another fact that i was before time for my flight. I am not sure if it happened for good or bad... but it seems like bad... could b it was for my good.. After that, honestly, i did not shop much. I was plain lazy in doing my work.
Waise bhe 20 Kg main kaunse teer maar lene the maine....
Waise mera phone itna bajta hai, par iss baar calls e nahin aa rahe the.. country chodh rahi hun, par lagta nahin kisi ko fark padta hai....kisi ko to meri theek he thi....

Well, honestly i was excited to fly for europe, after i started for delhi... Man, finally i realised, its time i'll fly for europe.. A new place.. one of the dreams we have, when we join IT industry :P

Ya, why I was not happy previously? Come on, you are single.. So no strings attached.. Girl have fun!!! once you are woman, there will be hell lot of strings attached...
Well before staring for Europe, first time ever my frds were suggesting me to go n try Alcohol.. Am sure they have lost thier senses. I am in full control... God knows what I will do there, becoz all my new team mates drink..Infact it's european culture..

bas bhagwan na kare ki mera dimag kharab ho.
Delhi Airport rocks.. i liked it, It was small but well built,,, Where in the world do u see prayer room in the International airport? ya, Duty free shops are beyond my pocket, So I just clicked pics. Initaially I had tough time thinking how to accomodate my luggage. Limit is 20 Kg..Mine was ard 27. Girl at check in counter was hot and nice.. rare combination :D

Well I actually liked european families.Contrary to my belief, people love thier family here.
And I was idiot who forgot to take her apartment address as well as room number along with PIN required to enter the apartments.. My colleague was scolding me nicely.

Room was good . It was raining. My new team mate had told me that it doesnt rain here.. so that was first prank i discovered....
So first night was with maggie and Lemon Tea...

Well first day to office and i discovered another prank. A pic was sent to me about team members... But 4 names were incorrectly assigned. I actually wasnt convinced for firsts 2 hrs about who is LUC and who is Sanders... good for filip that he was on vacation after playing this prank :-X
I really liked my DELL LATITUDE E6410..Wow..............
Well Pizza was really bad.... I just couldnt eat and imagine, one of my fellow colleague was fooling me that beer isnt alcohol (they were drinking Duuel - Strong beer)
Shopping was totally different experience. Everything was in french and I know only English. Some how I picked stuff based on images.Pragya helped me in it.
Second day too I shopped but it was with Ishan. This time i dont know why i was missing something a lot at night and third day was email that my mom had called my frd by mistake. It was a missed call. I choose not to clarify nything becoz wrong call is pretty common.
Pragya came to my room on Wed and she was laughing a lot at my soft toy. I dont think its origins were questioned so I told that it came in my backpack.Simple ans.... Well Y to tell her that I sleep with it :D
Well for your background, my soft toy is a puppy. I am not aware about breed and stuff...Anyway it is a lovely gift. And I love it :)
On fourth day we have allocated to a new office and it will be far from old office : commute + place is office area. I am really bored as there is nothing much to do here adn still i have to sit in office and do some time pass.. Am sure by number of blogs u see for today's date, it will be an easy guess!!! I hope this day gets over... I feel hungry all the time in europe.. I swear. its like i never ate in years!!!

After long time i am in cold place.... i have missed winters a lot in blore!!!!


Well the most complicated and the best thing.... is our life..

It shows us so much and teaches us so much....

So many ups and downs and i till date dont know if it was bad or good... If we ever see... in long term we do remember that all sudden bad times were actaully a blessing in disguise.. they taught us valuable lessons.

Regarding my life.. I dont know what should be told and what should be kept secret. It had it's own Ups and downs..Even today, I am confused...

Well to begin with, I had many dreams..... So many will never b fulfilled on time...And many were ful filled. What I do realise is that with passage of time I have become a pessimistic person. I no longer relish the positives in my life...But keep on being bothered by something small insignificant I could not achieve. For eg . I got chance to go for My first abroad Trip , That to USA...Still I was depressed that it wasnt on time and people were not ready to send me.. Man who cares.. I was able to go and others werent.....
Most people feel lonely when they are in a new place... I was in totally new place, infact a different continent altogether, and I never felt alone.. thanks to wonderful friends I have... Y did I not thank my stars for these wonderful people in my life and bother about what my colleagues might think or feel...

how long will office colleagues last.. these friends are for years ... and will stay... jobs may come and go...

I realised in USA how rich indian culture is and how strong relationships are in India. The fact is v take our family for granted, their love for granted... we take loyality of our partner for granted...Come to US..U have Money , independance..but where is the richness of family values? where is love? They sleep together but there is no trust on each other..

you may /may not even have both parents taking care of you... Imagine being without single parent for some time in your child hood, here kids have childhood with single parent.

People say that Americans are rude and stuff, but if you observe closely, they are very helping people, only thing is that they need their personal space which people in india will never understand......After all whats life without masala news / gossip :P

There is one thing I love in US : Cheap electronics.. man.. it was really cool.

Most memorable will be :Yes, Phone calls and chats on communicator :)
waise kaam bhe karti thi, par baad main busy ho gayi thi , jab saare free the :P
Achha bhe tha, kuch bura bhe laga...

Waise US k managers bahut understanding hote hai..Had it been any Indian manager, mine vacation would have got cancelled for sure, But she agreed and I had fabulous vacation in US with my cousins.. I saw them after years.... honestly years....

And yes, what nuthing could do in india, USA did in few days.. I had to cook food.... Man, m not proud of myself about it either. See, fact is that I stayed vegetarian and veg food options werent that great in areas nearby(walk able)

I do remember cold nights spent alone : watching movies.. I learned how to use torrents :D And these days I am capable of giving KT on same... thanks to Appu :D