Wednesday, December 8, 2010

To be or not to be

So, I am in kind of mid life crisis.... All life I have been truthful and upfront and now when I have to grow in my career, these things are not working. Probably, lying is one way to get thru or should I say being partially honest is a better approach. I need to learn to be charming,,,, Well, I never required it initially or never felt the need for it...
I wish I knew how to gain acceptance...I cant blame people, becoz i dont want to... it's good to learn... Moreover, I may face every kind of person in my life and it would be additional skill to be able to handle it.
I am not manipulative... I guess I should learn it... I need it... Or I can be cool..Infact If I could learn to master the art of staying calm always.. It would do me a great deal of good.... I wish I knew it
More over, all my useless hobbies of childhood were good..Reading newspaper, magzines, novels, painting,stitching...I dont knw why I left them....

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